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When working from home, do you ever forget to get up and walk around, or have a drink of water? We sure did. That's why our team designed and developed Water Cooler– a daily good habits reminder. 


project type = conceptual

duration = 1 week

design team = Jackie Alejandro and Zach Grumet

dev team = Akpo Igherighe, Banu Tryon, Brandon Mazikowski, Evan Epperson, and James Torres

my role = UX/UI designer

daily good

habit reminders 

For this conceptual design sprint, my cross-functional team made up of a project manager, UX/UI designers, and back-end and front-end developers were challenged to create a project centered around productivity.

We wanted to tailor the experience to people working from home or who spend long stretches in front of a computer screen. We talked to three people working from home during COVID to find out how they remind themselves to stay healthy and active, and what features are important to them in a reminder app.


Our main take-aways:


Notification sounds and banners elicit emotional responses

Users were looking for ways to incorporate health and wellness into their routines since lockdown began

Users found it motivating to check off a task they had completed

To represent our users, we developed Hannah, a fictional persona. Hannah reminded us that we weren't designing for ourselves. 




works at home in front of a computer all day

gets so immersed in her work that she forgets to do basic things like stretch her legs and drink a glass of water

wants to improve her health and get more active

feels motivated when she checks something off a to-do list

Hannah's problem:

Hannah wants to live a healthier and more active life because she spends all day in front of a computer. She needs periodic reminders throughout her day to remind herself of her goals because Hannah is always immersed in her work. 


How might Hannah remind herself to get up take a walk? How might we encourage her to do what's healthy? 

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